Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And I'm Back!

Since I'll be contributing to Ann's blog, Heroes of Capitalism, and working on my blogging chops, I figured I should clean up De Gustibus. I'll put up my favorite posts and old newspaper columns for posterity and your amusement.

Heroes of Capitalism- the blog launches Sept 1!

Fulford College Lounge- personal posts along with my house-mates from the University of York


Anonymous said...

Good luck! If you're interested in statistics etc.: Perhaps this Economics and Statistical Reference Inventory ( can be of help in your research.

Keith said...

Dear Libertarian:

My name is Keith Blandford. I am the libertarian candidate for US District One in SC. Our polling is going really well and looks like we will not just influence debate in this election; we can actually win. I am putting out a call to arms for anyone able to help. We need the social media to be through the roof and need all the friends we can get on facebook, etc. Please put your thinking caps together and lets push to get a libertarian in Congress. Out of all the Congressional elections, this is the one we can really win. ANY help you can offer would be appreciated and any ideas on how to get it done.

Check out our web site with links to other social media: